Intelligence in QR codes by qrUgo

QR codes are more than just a shortcut. It is a gateway from the physical world to the digital. We make it easy to bridge this gap, depending on your target audience.

What we offer

Lean Marketing Campaigns

It is hard to give value to every single advert placement in a marketing campaign. qrUgo service powers your adverts with instant feedback, which enables you to make quick changes and learn from customer behaviour.

Customer Segmentation

Now it is easier than ever to target specific custom audiences in the digital world. However, the struggles remain the same in the physical world. We believe that by bridging the gap between both worlds, it is possible to introduce a more inteligent customer segmentation in the physical world.

Be More Personal

In modern-day information overload, personal content is a way to stand out. By using qrUgo, you enable your product to become a crucial part of your customer’s journey. Send your customer on a custom quest, give them an individual promo code or even make a tailored city tour. Let us help you to improve your customer engagement like never before.

What we stand for

To escape the modern day information overload, more and more people improve their inner “data filters”. We believe that for a brand to stay relevant, it has to give more to people than just information about their products and services. We want to help brands bring meaning to the way their customers communicate with their products. By establishing a people friendly and trustworthy network throughout the cities, we hope to improve the way people interact with their surroundings and help brands to enhance this interaction.

Our Partners

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